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  • Sport Martial Arts -VS- Street Self-Defense

    There’s an ongoing debate in the martial arts community on the differences between training for sport competition and for self-defense. Here’s my experience: Many years ago, as a young man, I worked as a deputy sheriff for Hawkins County Sheriff’s Department. By this time I had been training in the martial arts for several years and had already attained the rank of black belt and had competed in and won many competitions in the region. I was very confident in my fighting skills because I had the black belt around my waist and trophies on my dresser to prove it. This was the case until I was actually faced with a mountain of a man who told me, “I’ll tell you ....

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  • Sparring

    New members, generally those who have been training for less than 3 months, are not allowed to spar. Reason being is that the individual athlete needs to learn basic techniques through drilling first in order to develop muscle memory so that they do not resort to “street” techniques which could cause them to hurt someone or to potentially get hurt. Sparring is never mandatory but it is my belief that intermediate and advanced students should add free sparring to their training. The emphasis is on free training in defense and counter techniques, so the techniques are not agreed upon ahead of time. This stimulates real fight conditions. Concentrate on the sparring session, but ....

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  • Benefits of Training in the Martial Arts

    Sure martial arts instructors teach fighting skills but there is so much more to it than that. A true martial artist teaches self-control and respect for others, so many schools have gotten away from this concept because when the average student shows up to take lessons they want to learn how to fight, all of that other stuff just hinders that. So we give the customer what they want. In doing that we are neglecting their needs, our society is falling apart right in front of us and I whole-heartedly believe that we, as martial artists, are in a good position to make a difference. SCHOOL VIOLENCE For many years, school violence has been acknowledged as a common problem in the United ....

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  • 2017 Cross Roads Karate Tournament

    We took a gro up of Warriors to the Cross Roads Karate tournament in Knoxville on February 25th and I couldn’t be more proud of this group. This was a point karate tournament and we generally don’t train point karate but we decided to give it a go and have created a sport karate team for the 2017 season. Here’s the results:
    Serina Bannon – Warrior Princess of the 7-8 year old beginners division!
    Aden Carpenter – 1st place 7-8 year old beginners division
    Matthew Hamilton – 4th place 9-10 year old intermediate division
    Emma Carpenter – 2nd place 11-12 year old beginner division
    Cayden Cox – 1st place 11-12 year old intermediate division

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  • How To Support Your Child's Journey in the Martial Arts

    Being A Good Martial Arts Parent Having been around martial arts for quite a few years now, I’ve come across a lot of things. It’s hard to recall very many negative experiences I’ve had with the sport, however, one thing I seem to witness more than I’d like, is some poor kid in tears while his mom or dad screams at him during a tournament or sitting with parents during class and they’re acting like that guard drill is a world championship match. Martial arts can be life changing for adults who discover it later in life. For kids, martial arts can instill discipline, confidence, a competitive spirit, respect for others, and so much more without them even ....

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  • Making Karate Great Again

    Karate today is so watered down and un-respected by the general population that many of us with a karate background are embarrassed to admit to it because of the current state of karate. I stepped away from sport karate training several years ago to focus on MMA and have just recently started taking my students to sport karate events and in doing so I’ll have to say that, for the most part, I am very let down with where karate is today. Many of the competitors in the sparring divisions are dressed more like a baseball catcher than a karate fighter. When I was coming up years ago we understood the importance of learning how to block or evade a punch because we didn’t wear all ....

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