2017 Cross Roads Karate Tournament

We took a group of Warriors to the Cross Roads Karate tournament in Knoxville on February 25th and I couldn’t be more proud of this group. This was a point karate tournament and we generally don’t train point karate but we decided to give it a go and have created a sport karate team for the 2017 season. Here’s the results: 

  • Serina Bannon – Warrior Princess of the 7-8 year old beginners division!
  • Aden Carpenter – 1st place 7-8 year old beginners division
  • Matthew Hamilton – 4th place 9-10 year old intermediate division
  • Emma Carpenter – 2nd place 11-12 year old beginner division
  • Cayden Cox – 1st place 11-12 year old intermediate division
  • Austin Meier – 1st place 14-15 year old beginner division
  • Alec Stallings – 2nd place 16-17 year old intermediate division
  • Corrine Starr – 1st place ladies beginner division
  • Josie Michelle Lunsford – 2nd place ladies intermediate division
  • Dylan Ryan – 2nd place men’s beginner division
  • Michael Dominguez – 3rd place men’s beginner division
  • William Rush – 1st place men’s intermediate division
  • Corey Tickles – 2nd men’s black belt middle weight
  • Doug Honeycutt – Kata Grand Champion!

Thanks to tournament promoter Jerry Lewis and his staff for a very well run tournament. Can’t wait for the next one! #warriors

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