“I came to Bushido to find an outlet. I needed a change mentally and physically, it has helped both. When I walked in the door, I weighed 255 pounds at 36 years old – that was a bad road I was headed down. Now while training here AND making healthy decisions, I weighed in today at 222 pounds. This isn’t a place of egos or tough guys; it’s a TEAM…it’s a FAMILY. I will never be able to repay them for what they’ve done for me.”
Aaron Collins
“Great classes and instructors. Over the past 2 years, I have tried many different martial arts locations with my daughter. Each one had their ups and downs. Bushido has some growing to do, however, the potential is amazing and it is the place my daughter now feels the most confident. I look forward to their growth and see a very bright future ahead.”
Chris Rodriguez
“Bushido is so much more than a place to learn MMA techniques. Jason Brake and his staff embrace their fighters on a personal level and develop them into top notch competitors. Since my teen has been under Bushido’s guidance, I have watched not only a physical and very visible transformation in my son… but I have also watched him develop in all avenues of life transforming him into a man of high moral fiber. He has become focused and driven in not just becoming a better developed fighter, but a leader. Bushido is not just some place that is on the MMA bandwagon… They are in the business of building better men and women. I give 100% support and recommendation to Bushido MMA because they give 100% proven results!”
Adam Stallings
“Not only do I get to have an awesome, intense workout, but I am also able to prepare for something that might happen outside the gym doors. Whether you want to learn self-defense, get a great workout, or strive to fight competitively, Bushido MMA is the place to go. They are not only a gym, but they are a family. Everyone has your back to help you succeed in whatever it is you want to accomplish. I highly recommend Bushido MMA if you are thinking about joining a gym.”
Laiken Gilliam
“It is the most amazing place to go to learn how to defend yourself or even just get back in shape and learn a few moves. Absolutely no one judges you on your appearance or on how out of shape you may be. Everyone is there to help you, not hurt you. They don’t expect you to come in and know about what is being taught. The kids love it and enjoy being able to have confidence every day and some have even shown improvement with behavior. It’s absolutely a great place, and for me it’s a perfect family. I love my Bushido family and all they have done for me and everyone else. BUSHIDO!”
Ellie Harris

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